WPSocial Explosion

Welcome to our Latest Product – WP Social Explosion!





Common Questions:

Question: In the video above, you talk about signals for the posts you want to “target”. Does that mean we have a choice of which posts to send social signals to?

Answer: No. If you purchase the 200 signal package, WP Social Explosion will start a “campaign” for every post that you “publish” in WordPress, until you run out of signals. If you run out of signals within your chosen package, WP Social Explosion will start sending you traffic again after your re-billing period starts again. .



  • One time setup fee allows you to add an unlimited number of sites into the social exchange program.
  • No need to add accounts
  • No need to setup campaigns or do extra writing
  • Real eyes on your posts
  • AND our plugin gives you the option to specify the category of your blog – so your social signals will be posted with other thematically related posts
  • This plugin is a front end to a web application – meaning all of the heavy lifting is done on our server and not in your blog

Note: Additional subscriptions are required for the Social Signal Exchange – subscriptions start at $10 – see more here

Currently we have over 3000 accounts in our social exchange program.